More Soccer For More Kids isn’t just a phrase, it’s an idea. An idea that every child that wants to play AYSO soccer should have that opportunity, regardless of financial limitations. It also helps create funding so that Regional Commissioners (those in charge of local AYSO programs) can get the training they need to provide a better program for, yes, the kids.

AYSO gets involved in many ways to raise funds throughout the year. We participate in #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving to help raise funds for the Playership Fund. We also have annual silent auctions and are constantly researching other ways to ensure there’s enough funds for each Region (local AYSO program) to run a cost effective program that children are sure to enjoy.

AYSO also assists Regions in learning how to fundraise, attaining local sponsors and utilizing National sponsors. We want every program to succeed and help to ensure this by implementing trainings, offering personalized help and creating resources for every AYSO program.
Last year, AYSO donors gave over $100,000 to help nearly 3,500 children get to play AYSO soccer who couldn’t have otherwise afforded it.

Join in and bring more soccer to more kids.